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Neighborhood Public Radio is an independent, artist-run radio project committed to providing an alternative media platform for artists, activists, musicians, and community members.

Our motto: If it's in the neighborhood and it makes noise .. we hope to put it on the air.

Neighborhood Public Radio has been named "Best Super Local Radio Station" by San Francisco magazine and we have been featured in Punk Planet magazine, Artforum, and the Chicago Reader. As a traveling band of guerilla broadcasters, folks from NPR have hosted thematic broadcasts far and wide, including both Artist's Television Access and Southern Exposure Gallery in San Francisco's Mission District, Chicago's Version 5 Festival, and a recent trip to collaborate with the neighborly media folks of in Novi Sad, Serbia (a trip made possible by a grant from CEC Artslink). Use our jukebox below to hear NPR's adventures from the storefront at Artist's Television Access in San Francisco's Mission District, or in Hamburg, Germany in July, or in San Jose for the ISEA/ZeroOne festival this August.

Most recently NPR was the recipient of a Creative Work Fund Grant which will be used for a collaborative series of projects collectively titled Radio Cartography. Click the links above to find out more about the various projects including Monthly Broadcasts, State of Mind Stations, Talking Homes, and Alternate Soundtrack Audio Tours. Radio Cartography is done in partnership with Southern Exposure gallery and was made possible thanks to a grant provided by the Creative Work Fund.

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NPR Jukebox

From the blog :
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All of our broadcasts have been archived and are somewhat searchable at the blog.