radio dial

Neighborhood Public Radio broadcasts from Lee Montgomery's students at the University of New Mexico:


Tune In!!!! -this is the link to the UNM students' stream (9a-12 MST every Wednesday- Hold Your Phone Up! all other times)


Every Wednesday students in the Electronic Arts program's Broadcasting class at UNM will be broadcasting to the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore as aprt of the class. Students may broadcast at other times using other streams which we will note here when possible.

Many of the broadcasts are recorded, but keeping in mind that radio is an ephemeral medium, recording of the preformances is not a primary concern. The recordings are at various levels of quality and completion.

Students in the class are:

Dylan Cascio
Bethany Delahunt
Jorie Emory
William S. Goodin
Seth Grant
Parker Jennings
Oscar Merrill
Hunter Shioshita
Dylan Stevens-Sheriff

The links below are to MP3 archives of varying quality of most of the broadcasts:

First Broadcast - January 27th

No assignment parameters.

Due to technical difficulties Seth and Bethany's pieces were not recorded.

01 Oscar
02 Bill
03 Dylan C
04 Jorie
05 Hunter

06 Parker
07 Dylan S

Third Broadcast (Radio Personalities)

Assignment: Choose from a list of radio personalities and develop an informative and creative programthat tells us about them.

01 Seth (Guglielmo Marconi)
02 Bethany (John Brinkley)
03 Oscar (Leon Theramin)

04 Bill (Art Bell)
05 Dylan C(Amy Goodman)
06 Jorie (Deborah Stratman)
07 Hunter (Mbanna Kantago)
08 Parker (Nikolai Tesla)
09 Dylan S (Alan Berg)

Fourth Broadcast (Hold Your Phone Up!)

Assignment: create a remix of one some or all of the files available as part of NPR's Hold Your Phone Up! project.

01 Seth
03 Oscar

04 Bill
05 Dylan C
06 Jorie
07 Hunter
08 Parker
09 Dylan S

March 3rd

01 Seth
03 Oscar

04 Bill
05 Dylan C
06 Hunter
07 Parker
08 Dylan S

At this point in the semester, students switched from 15 minute broadcasts every week to two 30 minute broadcasts to be completed in the remaining weeks of the semester. Students chose their own schedule for the production of these two pieces.

March 31st

01 Parker
02 Bethany

April 5th

01 Dylan S
02 Dylan C

April 7th

01 Hunter

April 14th

01 Parker

April 19th

01 Bethany

02 Seth
03 Oscar



April 26th

01 Dylan and Hunter

02 Bill
03 Hunter and Dylan